Maker Education Workshops

A selection of workshops presented by Angela Sheehan

2019 Workshop Offering:


Angela Sheehan, Mary West 
Explore ways to teach electronics and programming in a craft context using low cost materials such as cardboard, paper, and felt to create interactive art projects with tools including micro:bit, Chibitronics circuit stickers, and LilyPad sewable circuits. Open source resources, activities, and examples of programs utilizing these mediums for success will be discussed. Participants will leave with three sample projects built during the session to expand and remix in their own practice.

Intro to Sewable Circuits: Teaching Electronics Through Arts and Crafts

Angela Sheehan   
A hands-on exploration of three levels of engagement with sewable electronics. Learn simple circuit concepts through sewing with conductive thread, then try prototyping a project with pre-programmed modules. The session will finish with an introduction to programming using LilyPad Arduino and discussion of current e-textile education practices.


Presented at ISTE 2018

E-Textiles and the Maker Student: An Introduction to Sewable Electronics

Angela Sheehan, Mike Grusin 
Explore ways to inspire students with STEAM activities focusing on combining crafting and technology. We’ll examine alternative ways to teach introductory electronics and programming using LilyMini sewable electronics boards. This prewired circuit will be programmed then snapped apart and implemented into an interactive e-textile project using conductive thread.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 7.22.10 PM.png

Presented at ISTE 2017