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What I'm working on...

Getting ready Dragon Con!


I've been selected to participate in Dragon Con as an attending professional this year. Stay tuned for more info on workshops I'll be teaching and the fun costumes I'll be wearing. This is an event I've been wanting to attend for years, I'm excitedly updating some of my favorite projects to wear there.

This will be my third time wearing my color changing fairy costume out at an event. My second version of the costume with new wings debuted at Maker Faire Bay Area in May and I had a lot of fun wearing it to Denver Comic Con in June. I'll be making some improvements and hopefully sharing some more photos and videos of me interacting with attendees.

Check out some of my fun times at Denver Comic Con below!



Wireless Magic Wand and Color Changing Costume

I'm creating a collection of connected color changing costume pieces, inspired by the scene in Disney's Sleeping Beauty where Aurora's fairy godmothers are fighting over the color of her gown. A 'magic wand' with an embedded color sensor broadcasts its readings wirelessly to a dress and headpiece.

It's still a prototype with some work to be done on finalizing code and finishing touches, but I wore the outfit for my office Halloween party and it was a hit! The wand and headpiece are up and running, but I'm still working on the final details of the dress, which has LEDs embedded seamlessly with the beading detail on the bodice. Stay tuned for more updates!

Hardware in the Wand:

Hardware in the Headpiece: