Fashion Hacking for Augmented Identity

2019 Workshop


As technology becomes more pervasive in our style choices, how can we think beyond simple customization or apps to truly own outward identity? In this workshop we will examine how artists and innovators are thinking beyond consumer wearables to larger identity issues that can be addressed by our choice of apparel and accessories. We will explore the ways the design community is expanding, hacking, and creating through open source technology. When the fashion and technology industries begin to collaborate, what opportunities do these open platforms create for the future of self expression? Participants will explore some of these ideas through customizing a wearable electronic project to augment their interactions with the world.




Angela Sheehan

Angela is an artist and educator passionate about wearable technology. With a background in design, performance, and education outreach Angela brings a unique perspective to teaching electronics and design for wearables.

As an independent designer, she creates playful and interactive electronic costumes and crafts. Angela has been working at the intersection of costume and electronics since 2005, has written over 50 online guides, and featured in Make and HackSpace magazines. Her strong ties to the DIY wearables and maker communities began in 2009 with Soft Circuit Saturdays, a blog dedicated to tools and techniques for soft electronics. Angela has taught over 100 workshops, including sessions at Dragon Con, Denver Comic Con, SXSW, Fashion Institute of Technology, WEAR (Smart Fabrics), NSTA, and ISTE.

Recently, Angela spent time as a product manager at SparkFun Electronics, where she lead development on the LilyPad sewable electronics line and created supporting documentation and projects for the brand. Prior to that, she was part of the SparkFun Education team as an outreach coordinator serving the greater maker education community with professional development, project and curriculum development, and creating meaningful event experiences for makers of all ages.


Mary West

Mary Etta West is an Electrical Engineer and creative technologist with five years of experience as a hardware designer. She is an avid maker, teacher, and strong proponent of open source technologies. Mary is an electronics jewelry designer, wearable-tech developer and she is currently co-creating a wearable electronics platform with Angela Sheehan.

She also puts her passion for electronics into product design at Boulder Engineering Studio, a boutique engineering firm with capabilities to take nearly any idea and turn it into marketable merchandise.