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What I'm working on...

Getting ready for maker faire bay area


I'm going back to Maker Faire this year as an exhibitor after a few years of scheduling conflicts and I'm very excited! Maker Faire is one of my favorite events to participate in and is a great source of inspiration and new friends. Instead of having a traditional maker table, I'll be wearing my projects around the event and have a few on a little push cart with me to to talk about and share.

Wireless magic wand and color changing costume

I'm upgrading and finishing the prototype I made for my Halloween costume, a wirelessly connected series of wearables controlled by a magic wand with color sensor. I've added a set of light up wings to the mix and have been learning how to 3D model to create the wing baseplate and a brand new custom wand enclosure to fit a larger battery. I'll be wearing this costume for most of the event, come say hi and try controlling my outfit with the wand!

additional projects: 


I'll also be giving two talks during the faire (probably in costume!)

Getting Started with Sewable Electronics

Saturday 12:30 PM -  1:00 PM at the Make: Electronics stage

Learn how to incorporate electronics into your costumes or crafts using conductive thread and sewable hardware. This session will introduce you to materials and techniques for soft electronics, an overview of the variety of hardware options to choose from, and examples to inspire your own creations.

Insta-Hue Heels: Bluetooth Controlled Color Changing Shoes

Sunday 1:45 PM - 2:00 PM at the Make: Electronics stage

Learn how Angela created light-up heels that are wirelessly controlled by a matching bracelet connected to Adafruit’s free Bluefruit LE Connect app, allowing for quick color changes for any occasion. Check out the full project in the latest issue of Make Magazine.

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Wireless Magic Wand and Color Changing Costume

I'm creating a collection of connected color changing costume pieces, inspired by the scene in Disney's Sleeping Beauty where Aurora's fairy godmothers are fighting over the color of her gown. A 'magic wand' with an embedded color sensor broadcasts its readings wirelessly to a dress and headpiece.

It's still a prototype with some work to be done on finalizing code and finishing touches, but I wore the outfit for my office Halloween party and it was a hit! The wand and headpiece are up and running, but I'm still working on the final details of the dress, which has LEDs embedded seamlessly with the beading detail on the bodice. Stay tuned for more updates!

Hardware in the Wand:

Hardware in the Headpiece: