This color changing fairy costume has been to Dragon Con, Denver Comic Con, and Maker Faire Bay Area.

A collection of connected color changing costume pieces, inspired by the scene in Disney's Sleeping Beauty where Aurora's fairy godmothers are fighting over the color of her gown. The costume is controlled by a 'magic wand' with an embedded color sensor that broadcasts its readings wirelessly to a dress and headpiece.

I’ve been working on the prototype since September 2017 and am enjoying the process of making continual improvements in code and design. The project originally involved dress with embedded LEDs in the bodice but that part is on hold for the moment. The headdress and a prototype of the wand were created for Halloween 2017 and the wings and version 2 of the wand with a custom 3D printed adjusted parts were created for Maker Faire Bay Area 2018.

Hardware in the Wand:

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 10.16.29 PM.png

Behind the scenes of building the projects: