Sewable Electronics

Projects that use conductive thread to connect electronic components together directly on fabric. Soft, flexible, and sometimes wearable.


gesture controlled star wars stocking

Create an interactive Christmas stocking that lights up and plays sound effects in response to gestures.


Light-Up Plush

Craft a light-up plush with LilyPad LEDs controlled by pressing a button and sliding a switch in the creature's hands.


Stocking with LilyPad LilyTiny

Add some sparkle to a Christmas stocking with the pre-programmed LilyTiny board and conductive thread.


Night-Light Pennant

Use the pre-programmed LilyMini ProtoSnap to make an interactive pennant that reacts to ambient light.


Glowing Pin

Create a quick and easy piece of e-textile art using a LilyPad LED, battery holder, conductive thread, and coin cell battery.


light-Up E-Textile Pennants

 Tips for creating your own unique pennant with a few different types of LilyPad components.


Illuminated Mask

Use LilyPad LEDs, a switched battery holder, and coin cell battery to make a fun light up mask for your next costume party.


Light-Up Silk Flower Corsage

Combine a silk flower with a built-in RGB LED and some switches to create a light-up accessory.


Twinkling Trick or Treat Bags

Make a light up goodie bag with conductive thread, LEDs, and the LilyTwinkle!


Christmas Tree LED Embroidery

This pattern uses LEDs as the string of lights on a felt Christmas tree appliqué.


LilyTiny Plush Monster

Craft a stuffed monster with LilyPad LilyTiny. Based on an activity created at MIT's High-Low Tech.


Soft Circuit LED Bracelet

Learn to sew with conductive thread to make a cool LED cuff to wear out and about.


Musical Drawdio Puppet

This plush puppet lets you make different squeaky sounds using an embedded Drawdio.


Programmable Light-Up Wings

Create light patterns on your fairy wings using a microcontroller called Schemer by Aniomagic.


Projects that reuse, hack, and combine crafting techniques with electronic parts.


Stocking with fairy lights

Enhance a Christmas stocking by adding fairy lights.


LED Jellies

Make a jellyfish shaped casing for LED Throwies that you can stick to any metal surface. 


Stocking with EL Wire

Enhance a Christmas stocking by adding EL wire.


Talking Sock Puppet

This sock puppet makes sound when you open its mouth. It is a quick and easy project to use up old musical cards instead of throwing them out.

Electronic Costumes

Accessories, add-ons, and outfits that use electronics to light-up, interact with the world, and make a statement.

Light Up Hello Unicorn Backpack

Automatic light up replica of prop from Netflix's Altered Carbon


LightWings: Fiber Optic Fairy Wings

Add some glamour to your fairy costume using fiber optics.


Pokémon Go patches with EL Panels

Add a cloth stencil over EL panels to create glowing logos and designs.


Lady Gaga Video Glasses

Quick and easy glasses for a Lady GaGa costume. Made with 2 digital picture frame keychains on a slideshow setting to replicate the effect seen in her performances.

Paper Circuits

Create electronic projects on paper! Learn how to paint, draw, and tape circuits with conductive materials and LEDs.


The Great Big Guide to Paper Circuits

Let's take a look at different materials we can use to combine paper crafting and electronics.


Light-Up Valentine Cards 

Light up your love with paper circuits - no soldering required!


Paper Circuit Pin

This quick craft project shows you how to create a circuit using copper tape to light up an LED.


Let It Glow Holiday Cards

Craft a glowing card for the holiday season with paper circuits - no soldering required!


LED Robot Card

Craft a paper circuit pop up card with a cycling RGB LED, battery, and copper tape.


LED Butterfly card

Craft an illuminated butterfly pop up card with copper tape, two LEDs, and a battery.

Concepts and Techniques

Resources to help with design, finishing, and construction of your projects.


Adapting Lilypad dev board projects to protosnap plus

An overview of the updates made in the redesign of the LilyPad Development Board to the LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus and how to adapt code written for the old board to the new one.


Planning A Wearables ProjeCt

Tips and tricks for brainstorming and creating a wearables project.


LilyPad Basics:


Learn how to use conductive thread with LilyPad components.


E-Textile Insulation techniques

How to protect your conductive thread and components in a project.

Product Guides

Getting started guides, hookup tips, and overviews of electronic products.


LilYpad light sensor v2 Hookup Guide

How to hook up the LilyPad Light Sensor as well as some project ideas and example code.


LilyPad Tri-Color LED Hookup Guide


Learn how to hook up the LilyPad Tri-Color LED and use a common cathode RGB LED in e-textile projects.


PRotosnap Plus activity guide

Learn how to program in Arduino with the LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus. This guide includes 10 example activities that use the pre-wired LilyPad boards on the LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus.


Getting started with LilyPad

An introduction to the LilyPad ecosystem - a set of sewable electronic pieces designed to help you build e-textile projects.


LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus Hookup Guide

Learn about the LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus - a sewable electronics prototyping board.


LilyPad Pixel Board Hookup Guide

Add changing colors to your  projects using LilyPad Pixels.


LilyPad Light Sensor HookuP Guide

How to use the LilyPad Light Sensor with some example code.


Lilypad USB Plus HOOKUP Guide


The LilyPad USB Plus is a sewable microcontroller that you can use with Arduino.


LilyPad Temperature Sensor Hookup Guide

How to hook up the LilyPad Temperature Sensor as well as some project ideas and example code.


LilyPad e-sewing protosnap hookup guide


Explore the LilyPad E-Sewing ProtoSnap and learn how to build it into a project.


Choosing A LilyPad Arduino

Learn the features of each LilyPad Arduino in the LilyPad product line.


LilyMini ProtoSnap Hookup Guide

Explore the LilyPad LilyMini ProtoSnap and learn how to use it.


Powering LilyPad LED Projects

How to calculate how many LEDs your project can power.


LilyPAd Buzzer hookup Guide

How to hook up the LilyPad Buzzer and make sound with code.